Creating a secure environment with automated visitor management

Organisations can create a secure, welcoming, and error-free environment through automated visitor management systems. Here are some if its basics.

Specialised AI: Key to next-level digital transformation

Read about how specialised AI enhances digital transformation, bridging gaps in precision, speed, and industry-specific applications.

How to ride the wave of unmanaged devices to secure the network in pandemic...

As the COVID pandemic continues to mandate remote working measures around Asia, along with a rising trend in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement to accommodate a rapidly evolving workforce, one question comes...

Evolving zero trust: Adapting to persistent cyberthreats

Unleash the power of evolving zero trust in the modern era of cybersecurity and persistent cyberthreats. Here's how.

Asia’s tech spend is surging – four ways to optimise investment

Optimise your tech spend in Asia with these strategies. Learn how to prioritise goals, maintain solid foundations, and use the latest tools.

How AI will profoundly transform the Role of the CIO

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now permeating into our businesses and even governments. The technology plays a significant role in developing a digital workforce. More than automating and removing manual tasks from a worker’s daily job scope, AI creates the...

Conquering digital transformation with distributed cloud

A distributed cloud platform could help companies resolve their IT infrastructure concerns as public cloud adoption grows. Here's how.

Turning tech ambitions into reality

While the technological innovation we projected last year held true, 2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. Specifically, what we observed as a telco was how organisations were struggling to maintain...

How to uncover blind spots in manufacturing’s IAM strategies

Identity and Access Management (or IAM) is vital in manufacturing. Here are ways to find IAM strategy blind spots to mitigate problems before they happen.

Making better use of data as a business asset

Technology companies are often guilty of constantly releasing new innovations and promoting the ‘latest and greatest’ from their offering, while forgetting that their recent ‘latest’ technologies may still only be just catching on with...
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Key enterprise tech takeaways from Singapore Budget 2024

Explore key highlights from Singapore's 2024 Budget, including AI development, support for SMEs, and new cyber defence strategies.