Is your business prepared for rising ransomware threats?

The pressure on cybersecurity leaders is increasing due to the prevalence of ransomware. Here are ways to reduce its personal and business cost.

Unlocking whole-of-business identity for digital businesses

Discover the power of whole-of-business identity as a new asset for digital businesses. Unlock growth, security, and seamless experiences.
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Five tips to make blockchain work for you

The blockchain hype is going strong, and many organizations are clamouring for a piece of the pie. In fact, at the recent Singapore FinTech Festival 2019, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, JPMorgan and Temasek announced the...

4 tips for a successful relationship (with your IT ecosystem)

Like every great relationship, communication and transparency are essential, and IT systems are no exception. IT ecosystems are diverse, comprised of different solutions and servers. Monitoring allows companies to gain a deeper and more detailed...

Reaching net-zero emissions for the technology sector

The technology sector plays a vital role in developing long-term solutions for decreasing climate-changing emissions. When companies take voluntary responsible action operationally as well as technologically, we can set industry standards for best practices...

Innovation is the key to unlocking the university of the future

COVID-19 has disrupted the education landscape as we know it, rattling an age-old system that hasn’t much evolved past the physical classroom of chalk and blackboards. Traditional universities and older institutions are often hesitant...

5 things you didn’t know about today’s contact centres

The term ‘contact centre’ often suggests a physical office space filled with agents in cubicles, reading off a standard script. The idea of long wait times, high call volumes, and very little personalisation, all...

Optimising NDR to enhance organisational cybersecurity

Discover how network detection and response can enhance a company's cybersecurity. Gain real-time visibility and swift incident response.

Gaining an economic advantage with automation

In a hybrid work future, access to digitally savvy talent will be a critical component of successful digital transformation. However, the region is witnessing a severe shortage in this area, potentially hampering business growth....

How Benchmarking Raises Competitiveness for 5G Network Operators

Benchmarking is a critical part of a 5G network’s operations. Here are several ways how it helps improve competitiveness.
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Money heist: Why cybercriminals are zeroing in on Singapore

Explore why cybercriminals target Singapore and learn about proactive strategies and government efforts to combat rising cyberthreats.