A third of phishing websites are impersonating banks. What can we do?

Cybercriminals are getting smarter in defrauding people. Here are a couple of ways to deter banking-related phishing scams.

Addressing healthcare’s password problem

The healthcare sector has long been plagued by data breaches, even before the pandemic. Here's how to address the issue.

How graph technology is helping Asian businesses combat fraud

Cybercrime is a major issue in Southeast Asia, but graph technology is being used to help fight it. Here are a few ways how.

How to add flexibility to networking with SD-WAN

Here are the critical things enterprises should know about the SD-WAN underlay to ensure the success of their cloud strategy.

Fraud prevention is a key priority in the digital-first era

As more people transact online, businesses must protect themselves and their consumers from fraud. Here are a few ways how.

Navigating the new infosec frontier

Singapore companies have prioritised business continuity over cybersecurity these last two years. They must instead boost their security posture.

People-centric approach is key to retaining staff post-pandemic

The pandemic has seen a sharp rise in employees leaving their jobs. Here's how adopting a people-centric approach will help retain them.

Sniffing out threats in Bluetooth low-energy medical devices

Devices that run on the Internet of Medical Things (or IoMT) can jeopardise patient safety. But there's a way to secure such vulnerabilities.

Building a data resiliency mindset

Here are three key factors that enterprise leaders must consider in establishing their data protection strategy.

Next-level marketing in the endemic phase

Enterprises must make sense of unified marketing platforms to come out on top in the digital race. Here are its benefits.
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Securing the metaverse: Innovative or futile?

Jumio's Philipp Pointner answers questions about the need for an ID verification standard for security in the metaverse.