Powering the customer experience with AI and data

Explore how AI and analytics are transforming customer experience in APAC. Learn from OCBC Bank's success in leveraging hybrid cloud.

Boosting economic sustainability with next-gen technology

Explore how adopting a growth mindset and next-gen technology can drive economic sustainability, with insights from ASEAN business leaders.

Empowering employees through smart password management

Learn how Tele-centre Services streamlined password management to boost productivity and security. Discover key takeaways for your company.

Enhance patient-first healthcare with better data practices

Explore how healthcare can use wide data, governed self-service, and data literacy for better patient care and decision-making.

Public trust is key to Singapore’s healthcare reforms

Singapore's healthcare reform focuses on data-driven care. Public trust and data sharing are key. Transparency and privacy laws are vital.

Invisible apps and the magic of optimised employee experience

Explore how invisible apps are transforming the workplace by streamlining tasks and enhancing user experience, from help desks to RPA.

Cloud vs ground: Navigating data storage decisions

Explore data mobility in APAC's storage choices. Learn how cloud and on-prem options impact business agility and data recovery.

It takes a chief to secure a tribe

Explore the vital role of CISOs in shaping cybersecurity strategies in APAC's diverse landscape. Learn how leadership and teamwork are key.

Effective digitalisation in financial institutions

Financial institutions face an urgent need to adopt digital transformation, focusing on customer experience and growth strategies.

AI in public safety: a Southeast Asia perspective

Here's how Southeast Asian cities are using AI and CAD solutions to address public safety challenges amid rapid urbanisation and data deluge.
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Bridging healthcare gaps with communication technology

Explore how healthcare institutions in APAC are using communication technology like Zoom to overcome challenges and improve patient care.