Vinay Awasthi

Reinventing endpoint security to guard the future of work

Today’s workplace is driven by the needs of a multi-generational workforce who demand the right devices, tools and environment to operate with freedom and without fear. But with frequent stories of data breaches in the news, ensuring the...

Make data science work for your business

Data is generated in every step of our daily lives. Companies and organizations are competing to up the game of gathering and analyzing data under local compliance and regulation. In Hong Kong, the government...

Industry-wide winning with digital twinning

From building a 3D virtual replica of heritage precinct Kampong Glam, to creating 3D models of individual trees for testing and simulation, digital twin technology has emerged as a critical component of Singapore’s Smart...

The benefits of weaving security into the organisation’s digital fabric

Businesses need a cybersecurity mesh platform as more work from home. Here are the benefits of using such a platform, and what you should expect from one.

Shaping resilient businesses in an evolving regulatory landscape

Organisations today are facing an increasing amount of regulatory change. Here are a few key details you should know about it.

Next-level marketing in the endemic phase

Enterprises must make sense of unified marketing platforms to come out on top in the digital race. Here are its benefits.

Enhancing tech-resilience of Singapore’s financial services

Banking, financial services, and insurance (or BFSI) institutions need to adopt the cloud. Here's why and how.

Leveraging real-time data – the next phase of digital transformation

Many enterprises don't maximise their data. Here are a few ways they can utilise real-time data and turn into a data-driven organisation.

Zero trust: past, present, and a call to action for the future

Implementing zero trust isn't just about technology, but also people and culture. Here are a few tips on how to properly carry it out.

Reimagining financial services via data-driven processes

Discover how iPaaS drives innovation and customer-centricity in Asia-Pacific's financial services market.
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AIA Berhad’s AI chief reveals cutting-edge data strategy

Desmond Foo, AIA Berhad’s Head of Data Analytics & AI, discusses their innovative data strategy, AI use cases, and infrastructure.