Beating fraudsters at their game – How to address the challenges of online fraud

The growth of e-commerce in Asia Pacific (APAC) has been well-documented. One only has to look at investments in, and sales recorded from, annual shopping events such as Alibaba’s Singles Day sales, to get a sense of...

Why digitalisation future-proofs Singapore’s food supply chain

The F&B industry in Singapore is using digital technology to tackle supply chain challenges. Here are several ways how.

Ransomware and threat actors are maturing – don’t be a laggard

To combat the increasing risk of ransomware, here are a few suggestions on how enterprises can protect their data and IT environments.

How to make the jump to a unified observability platform

The need for a single observability platform is clear. Here are a few suggestions how companies can implement it successfully.

The cost of convenience: Managing fraud in APAC’s growing digital-first economy

The digital era we live in today has brought a level of convenience to our everyday lives which consumers have now grown accustomed to. Consumers now prize convenience above all, leading many businesses to...

Building cyber citizens in a remote workforce

Collective Defense is more than just a buzzword. Today, organisations seek to strengthen cybersecurity within the enterprise and across industries. It is imperative to promote and enable stringent, yet achievable, cybersecurity practices among employees...

Unpacking the potential of low-code/no-code platforms

Here’s how low-code/no-code platforms empower teams, streamline app development, and drive digital transformation efficiently.

The new realities of cybersecurity: Welcome to the 20s

Cybersecurity has been elevated from a mere operational consideration to become an issue of international concern and cooperation. Early this year at the World Economic Forum, we even saw global business and political leaders...

Reaching the next frontier: How businesses can thrive amid uncertainty with cloud

The business landscape has changed drastically since the onset of COVID-19. Across Asia-Pacific, the implementation of fluctuating COVID-19 regulations, for example, has forced businesses to rethink their operational and business strategies, with cloud coming...

The importance of cultivating a partner ecosystem

Collaboration with external partners is key for IT companies to innovate and access diversified talent, expertise, and resources for success.
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Manual no more: PNG DataCo’s paperless journey

PNG DataCo transitions to a paperless system with DocuSign. boosting its efficiency and security across operations.