Scuderia Ferrari brings DXC onboard

Scuderia Ferrari, the racing division of the automaker, signed with DXC Technology a multi-year agreement to engineer the latest in automotive digital solutions, raising...

HTML attachments still cybercrooks’ best tool, attacks double

Businesses in the Asia-Pacific region could find themselves vulnerable to attack via HTML attachment, as the proportion of malicious files doubles in less than...

Singapore stamps Idemia for automated border control

Singapore’s Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and HTX (Home Team Science and Technology Agency) have awarded to Idemia the contract on the Automated Border...

Why APAC industries must innovate via the cloud now

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Grab books Zoom for flexible, hybrid workspace

Grab is using a wide range of Zoom platform solutions, including Zoom Rooms, Zoom Events, Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars, to support its employees...

Cybercrooks rapidly ‘going pro’ like legit firms

While small cybercrime organisations typically consist of a few members who operate under a partnership model, most of whom usually have day jobs on...

Public-private collab needed to craft cyber rules

There is a growing need for greater standardisation and collaboration to ensure stronger and more resilient frameworks that support shared learning and best practices,...

Quantum Computing: On the cusp of commercial viability?

Discover Quantum Brilliance's unique approach to redefining quantum computing, as well its potential impact and challenges.

NTT rises to the cloud with Azure

Microsoft helps NTT with Azure to optimise operations, strengthen security, and use advanced AI models for cloud migration.

A cyber makeover for APAC’s manufacturing and logistics

Enhance security in manufacturing and logistics with robust OT measures. Safeguard assets, prevent disruptions, and stay competitive.