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Lenovo Launches New Hybrid Cloud Platforms and Services to Accelerate AI

Lenovo unveils ThinkAgile Next-Gen Hybrid Cloud Solutions, featuring next-gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors for enhanced AI performance and operational efficiency. Meanwhile, Lenovo TruScale for Hybrid Cloud offers a versatile, scalable, and cost-effective AI performance-as-a-service solution.

Lenovo announced significant enhancements to its hybrid cloud platform, elevating its capabilities for AI applications. This includes new ThinkAgile hyperconverged solutions and ThinkSystem servers that deliver accelerated performance, management, and efficiency capabilities, powered by the next generation of Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors. Designed to help customers take AI from concept to reality leveraging existing IT architecture, the expanded platform is a critical next step for delivering a dynamic hybrid AI approach across public, private, and personal foundation models in order to enable AI for All. 

The new Lenovo ThinkAgile hybrid cloud solutions are engineered to boost AI performance and build cloud agility by delivering more compute and faster memory to its market-leading portfolio when and where it is needed. Additionally, Lenovo Professional Services for AI and TruScale as-a-service offerings help customers simplify IT and accelerate AI with new integrated hybrid cloud for edge capabilities that quickly help businesses grow and only pay for what they need.

“This launch marks a step towards strengthening our commitment to AI for All. Our new Hybrid Cloud Platforms propel innovation and offer to create a faster, more flexible path to AI,” said Sumir Bhatia, President – AP, Lenovo ISG. “With up to 15 percent better performance, customers can leverage these solutions to reduce their IT footprint, achieve greater ROI, and deliver accurate business outcomes. These solutions are offered in a consumption model and seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure for a dynamic hybrid AI approach.”

“As Singapore charts its course toward becoming a smarter nation, embracing digitalization and AI innovation becomes not just a choice but a necessity. Our commitment is not just to meet this necessity but to elevate it, ensuring that businesses in Singapore lead in the AI-driven era,” stated Kumar Mitra, Managing Director and Regional General Manager – CAP, Lenovo ISG. “Through our Hybrid AI solutions, enterprises can gain a strategic advantage through a cost-effective and scalable model that will define their success in this evolving landscape. We are excited to see how the future unfolds.”

The next generation of Lenovo ThinkAgile hybrid cloud solutions and ThinkSystem servers with 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors feature built-in AI acceleration with Intel’s AMX technology – increasing efficiency while supporting AI inferencing and training on models up to 20 billion parameters. Additionally, the portfolio provides a unique open architecture with advanced management, superior reliability, and end-to-end security to help companies of all sizes work across hybrid multi-clouds.

AI for Hybrid Cloud

To keep up with business growth, IT teams need edge-to-data center solutions and cloud services that are deployment ready, compatible with existing infrastructure, and built for complex workloads out of the box. Optimized for AI, Lenovo ThinkAgile HX, MX and VX are engineered, turnkey hybrid cloud solutions with the new 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and open ecosystem of partners, including Nutanix, Microsoft, and VMware. The new ThinkAgile integrated hybrid cloud solutions offer industry-leading cloud software enabling new capabilities, faster backup and recovery, and reducing deployment time up to 75%.

Lenovo continues to expand its portfolio with ThinkAgile VX with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) reference architecture, which enables enterprises to support hybrid cloud virtualized and containerized workloads. The new ThinkAgile MX450 Edge Integrated System with built in Azure Arc offers a compact solution that provides Azure cloud services and AI inferencing at the edge. Additionally, ThinkAgile HX AI for the Edge with Nutanix builds repeatable, scalable solutions to handle AI and machine learning compute or storage workloads remotely. 

Lenovo partners with Intel to deliver the latest technology with support of their new CPU across the ThinkSystem portfolio of dense optimized, rack, and tower solutions. For compute intensive workloads, Lenovo continues to extend its multi-node server capabilities with the SD530 V3, SD550 V3, and SD650-N V3 dense optimized servers powered by the new 5thGen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors enable customers to maximize processing power in half the space with up to 40% lower power consumption with Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling.

For enterprises, the robust Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 V3 and SR630 V3 rack servers provide flexible configurations with optimized performance for AI workloads. For multi-site locations including branch offices and retail, the new Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250 V3 rack server and ST250 V3 tower server leverage Intel Xeon E-2400 processors with up to 21% higher overall performance to deliver flexible compute for the edge.

Enabling Cloud Agility

Lenovo is unleashing the power of AI to drive intelligent transformation in every industry – from pocket to cloud with purpose-built AI-ready devices, infrastructure, solutions, and services that empower industries, enterprises, and individuals around the world. Delivering the performance needed for accelerating AI applications, Lenovo TruScale for Hybrid Cloud offers as-a-service and fully managed on-prem data center solutions to flexibly create, shift, and scale capacity to fit changing business needs. Lenovo’s new TruScale Hybrid Cloud for Edge provides a cost effective, smaller configuration solution to support AI where needed and includes a self-service cloud management platform that allows more agility and control over data workloads.

In addition to its advanced hybrid cloud platform, Lenovo is helping customers accelerate AI implementation through its new Professional Services for AI. Powered by Lenovo’s vast knowledge base and global team of industry experts, the service is a single vendor solution that helps organizations make sense of AI and guides them through the most effective, end-to-end IT deployments that are tailored to achieve desired business outcomes quickly.

End users will also benefit from Lenovo hybrid cloud solutions with new Lenovo laptops that are leading the way in AI PC innovation, transforming how people work, play and connect with their PCs. With the latest ThinkPad X1 and IdeaPad Pro 5i, users can enjoy the most advanced PC experiences ever, powered by AI computing. These laptops feature Intel Core Ultra processors and high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity to accelerate AI PC tasks with speed and intelligence across local, public and private hybrid AI models.

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