Danger zone: Latitude Financial’s ongoing data breach woes

Latitude Financial is the latest Australian firm hit by cybercriminals in a sophisticated data breach. Over 225k customer records were taken.

Fujitsu, Osaka Uni a step nearer to practical quantum computing

Fujitsu and Osaka University's Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology (QIQB) have unveiled a new, highly-efficient analog rotation quantum computing architecture which represents...

Digital workers boost Hong Kong’s GDP by US$47.5 billion

Employees with basic through to advanced digital skill levels in Hong Kong increases the city's annual gross domestic product (GDP) by US$47.5 billion, according...

Ransomware cases surge in Singapore as attackers go bullies

Ransomware and extortion cases in Singapore increased by 63% in 2022 with 18 reported cases across key sectors, according to findings of Palo Alto...

Asia/Pacific Governments Focus on Open Data, Open Source to Deliver Innovative Citizen Services

In this info brief, we outline the top 5 technologies the AP public sector will invest in over the next three years.

The importance of cultivating a partner ecosystem

Collaboration with external partners is key for IT companies to innovate and access diversified talent, expertise, and resources for success.

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Beyond cookies: How AI is transforming marketing strategies

Experts explore how AI is revolutionising marketing strategies to prioritise privacy and personalisation in a post-cookie world.

HDFC Bank leans on Backbase for next-gen digital banking platform

HDFC Bank has tapped Backbase to power the Mumbai-based bank’s next-gen retail banking, and enable a more seamless customer experience across digital touchpoints in...

Zero trust: past, present, and a call to action for the future

Implementing zero trust isn't just about technology, but also people and culture. Here are a few tips on how to properly carry it out.