Smarter Data Management Playbook 2023

This Whitepaper is sponsored by Lenovo.

Discover the top Data Management priorities for 2023 and explore ways to resolve significant business challenges with end-to-end solutions facilitated by cutting-edge technology and innovation:

  • 51% of the CIOs surveyed will address data protection and cyber-resiliency challenge for better business continuity and recovery.
  • 53% of Asia-Pacific CIOs consider the Data Management platform for hybrid/multi-cloud as the top investment priority in 2023.
  • 93% of the organisations in Asia-Pacific have a strong sustainability focus to drive costs down and improve operational efficiency.
  • 16% of the organisations in Asia-Pacific have a single unified Data Management platform to drive data innovations successfully.

Gain extensive insights on current and future Data Management trends and strategies, helping CIOs make well-informed decisions for seamless digital transformation.

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