Zscaler, Temasek Poly team up to close cybersecurity skills gap

Zscaler has launched the Zscaler Academic Alliance Program (ZAAP) in a bid to close the growing cybersecurity skills gap globally. 

As part of the program, Zscaler has partnered with the School of Informatics & IT in Temasek Polytechnic (TP) in Singapore to equip 600 students by 2026 with deeper knowledge and skills required to become cybersecurity professionals.

The collaboration between Zscaler and TP is key in ensuring a sustained talent pipeline to meet the demand for skilled technology leaders. Through this program, TP inculcates a future-oriented mindset by equipping students with a hands-on foundation in cybersecurity to navigate the future economy. 

Zscaler will provide materials on Zero Trust which will be incorporated into the course curriculum through cybersecurity and networking-related subjects. 

In addition, Zscaler will work with TP’s School of Informatics & IT to support job placements with a growing network of partners and customers, as well as internships for students who have successfully completed their courses.

Tang Ming Fai, director of the School of Informatics & IT at TP, said the collaboration with Zscaler will provide their students opportunities to deepen their cybersecurity skills, attain valued professional certifications and develop confidence to support industry against cyber threats. 

As part of ZAAP, students are given three courses to attain certifications over the course of a semester – Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Zero Trust Certified Associate, and Zscaler for Users – Essentials Certificate. 

After the completion of all three courses, students and faculty members will be able to take the high-stake legally proctored true Zero Trust Certification, Zscaler Digital Transformation Administrator. 

Students and faculty will also be able to take advantage of discount vouchers sponsored by Zscaler to participate in the program. 

In addition, Zscaler will work with the Temasek Polytechnic School of Informatics & IT to help with job placements and internships for students who have successfully completed the courses with its growing network of partners and customers. 

Andreas Hartl, Zscaler. SVP in Asia-Pacific and Japan, said that the cybersecurity skills gap has been a persisting problem across the world and it is critical for the entire ecosystem to come together to address this. 

Hartl added that partnership between private-public sectors is critical in helping the cybersecurity industry be prepared against the unprecedented growth in cyberattacks today.

“While training the current cohort of cybersecurity professionals with the latest tools and knowledge is one way to deal with the growing gap, there is a significant opportunity for the cybersecurity industry to collaborate with tertiary institutions to fill this burgeoning cybersecurity skills gap,” he said.