Pupuk Indonesia boosts food production with Snowflake

Pupuk Indonesia, one of the largest plant nutrition and fertiliser companies in Asia, has selected the Snowflake Data Cloud to power its rapidly-growing data infrastructure needs, delivering the latest smart farming technologies to small farmers across Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest agricultural producers and exporters, supplying important commodities such as palm oil, natural rubber, cocoa, coffee, rice, and spices to the rest of the world and contributing more than 12% to the country’s economy. 

Technology and data enable Pupuk Indonesia to help farmers get the best productivity possible from the land.

By harnessing the Snowflake Data Cloud, Pupuk Indonesia expects to be able to handle the large amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data needed to create highly detailed customer profiling models. 

They use analytics on data like plant health, soil conditions, and weather reports to optimize fertiliser and plant nutrient delivery, enabling precision farming for customers.

In the past, Pupuk Indonesia’s data infrastructure was an on-premise data lake, relying heavily on manual tasks to set up, manage and configure. 

Coupled with a small team, this made scaling up difficult and affected the quality of decisions and pace of  innovation.

By moving to Snowflake, they could maintain a single source of truth and deepen understanding of their customers’ needs. The Pupuk team can now analyse data independently, helping to build a data driven culture while accelerating projects, and delivering more accurate results. 

Snowflake’s ease of use and near-zero maintenance meant that the Pupuk team could spend more time on making strategic decisions — and less time managing their data platform.

“In our quest for an efficient and user-friendly data and analytics solution, we made the strategic decision to transition to Snowflake’s data cloud platform,” said Dommy Asfiandy, project manager for data science of Pupuk Indonesia. 

“Now our team has experienced an accelerated pace in executing data analytics projects, enabling us to deliver more accurate insights than ever before,” said Asfiandy.

According to Asfiandy, Pupuk’s full transition to the cloud also enabled the democratization of data within the organization with 40 employees being empowered as citizen data analysts. 

In the near future, the company has set a target of hundreds of new citizen data analysts, a development which will hopefully enable data-driven decision-making across the organization.

“Using the Snowflake Data Cloud’s advanced capabilities, Pupuk Indonesia is able to gain valuable insights needed to deliver smart farming services to optimise Indonesia’s agricultural sector and contribute to achieving sustainable food production in the country,” said Satchit Joglekar, regional director for emerging markets at Snowflake ASEAN.