Viettel picks Cisco amid growing network traffic in Vietnam

Viettel and Cisco have expanded their partnership to co-create a next-generation network infrastructure, intended to drive emerging technology and innovation in Vietnam. 

Over the past few years, Viettel has experienced immense traffic growth on its network from increased demand for mobile, fixed line, and television services.

Thus, Viettel implemented the Cisco 8000 router series and the Cisco Crosswork Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) with the intention of  delivering fast and reliable connectivity to businesses.

The new network architecture has helped Viettel to increase its network performance to support the growing volume of traffic and deliver connectivity with minimal delays. 

Viettel’s network transformation has allowed it to take its networks from 100G to 400G and 800G capacities that are crucial in enabling complex, high-bandwidth applications. 

According to Viettel, it is now able to automate processes for customers in multi-vendor environments, accelerating its delivery of services like enterprise VPN networks, mobile and fixed services from days to a matter of minutes — enabling faster recovery of failed services from faulty code. 

“Cisco’s provision of real-time access to operational statistics through its NSO platform has enabled Viettel to drastically improve the delivery of services across its product lifecycles,” said Le Tuan Vu, senior network automation engineer at Viettel Networks.

Also, by deploying Silicon One, Viettel expects reduce its hardware bulk by 79% from about 1,450 kg to a more streamlined 300 kg. This not only lightens the load but also translates into a 70% reduction in power consumption.

“As companies in Vietnam accelerate their digitisation journeys and explore opportunities with emerging technologies such as 5G and AI, they need a new future-state network that will enable them to fully leverage the potential of digitalisation,” said Vu Chi Trung, senior network engineer at Viettel Networks.