Telkom Indonesia picks Vonage for multichannel customer engagement

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia has chosen Vonage to enhance its customer communications and experience, with the Vonage Messages API integrated into Telkom Indonesia’s five business divisions.

These include broadband retail service IndiHome, Wi-Fi and hotspot service, digital business solutions Telkom DBS, wholesale segment portfolio Telkom DWS and omni-communication platform service Telkom OCA.

Vonage supports Telkom Indonesia’s multichannel customer notifications including billing updates and payment reminders. The Vonage Messages API also enables Telkom Indonesia to engage with millions of customers more effectively through Indonesians’ preferred channels – WhatsApp and SMS. 

Vonage  provides a simple way to integrate with the WhatsApp Business solution through which Telkom Indonesia’s chatbot responds to customers with commonly requested information including billing queries, product details and corporate information.

“In order to maintain an edge, we need to ensure customer queries and grievances are addressed in a fast and effective manner,” said Rizki Primasakti, head of Telkom OCA. “It is also important that we communicate with them through the apps they currently use and enjoy.”

He said that with the Vonage Messages API embedded within their system, they are able to overcome the barrier of undelivered notifications. 

“Using WhatsApp, we can now validate that customers have received and read important messages such as bill reminders, reducing delinquent payments,” he added.

Sunny Rao, Vonage SVP and general manager for the Asia Pacific region, said the Vonage Messages API easily integrates with SMS, MMS, and popular social media applications, allowing businesses to communicate with customers through their preferred channels. This saves businesses the hassle of integrating each channel separately.