BCA taps Cloudera for data-driven banking

Bank Central Asia (BCA) is using Cloudera’s data platform to support its customer-centric culture. By enhancing its customer data analytics capability with Cloudera, the Indonesian bank can continuously innovate to enrich the customer experience and enhance fraud detection.

As one of the largest consumer banking provider in the region, BCA handles millions of transactions daily. It took days to analyse those transactions using the previous legacy data management system, making it challenging for the bank to gain an accurate and timely view of its customers.

With Cloudera as its foundation for big data and machine learning, BCA can quickly aggregate both structured and unstructured data from emails, social media, and call centres, and has significantly shortened the time taken for queries from days to hours or as little as minutes. As a result, the bank’s business units gained a holistic view of their customers and are able to use near real-time insights to provide personalised offerings based on customer profiles. Additionally, Cloudera’s data platform also enabled the bank to implement machine learning models for process automation.

To ease the growing concerns around data security from regulators and consumers, BCA leveraged Cloudera’s data platform to protect customer data from being accessed for fraudulent activities. By powering its fraud detection system with Cloudera, the bank is able to better identify data pattern anomalies and prevent fraudulent transactions.

“With the shift towards digital and contactless services among Indonesian consumers fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cloudera’s hybrid and open source based data platform will bolster our journey to securely enable hybrid cloud where it’s needed,” said Dirgo Vanto, head of data management at BCA.

Remus Lim, managing director of ASEAN and India at Cloudera, said that as customer demands are constantly evolving, it is imperative for banks to undertake continuous product and service innovations to attract and retain customers

“As exemplified by BCA, Cloudera’s data platform can help Indonesian banks achieve that by enabling them to use secure, governed, multi-function analytics and machine learning to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights,” said Lim.