SpiceJet brings CleverTap onboard to boost CX

SpiceJet is working with CleverTap to enhance the Indian low-cost carrier’s customer experience using the latter’s advanced technology to deliver personalised and contextual communication across its web and mobile channels.

With CleverTap onboard, SpiceJet aims to boost its customer engagement, ensuring every interaction is meaningful and tailored to individual preferences.

By harnessing CleverTap’s capabilities, SpiceJet expects to be able to analyse customer data, create comprehensive user profiles, and deliver engaging experiences to foster long-term loyalty of customers.

“With CleverTap’s assistance, we can now deliver timely and precisely targeted communication to our passengers, ensuring that their journey with us remains seamless and unforgettable,” said Debojo Maharshi, chief business officer at SpiceJet.

CleverTap’s advanced customer analytics, personalisation and orchestration capabilities will enable SpiceJet to send passengers personalised notifications, updates, and offers, keeping them informed and engaged at every stage. 

“Our platform will help SpiceJet deliver personalised and contextual communication, ultimately maximizing the brand’s customer lifetime value,” said Sidharth Malik, CEO at CleverTap. “Our AI-driven hyper-personalised insights will help SpiceJet gain a deeper understanding of their user base, further solidifying their brand-to-customer relationship.”