SGInnovate, partners to launch cybersecurity courses for 2,500 pros

SGInnovate has partnered with ST Engineering and Tegasus International to launch the Cybersecurity Professional Series that seek to enhance the cybersecurity expertise of some 2,500 professionals in Singapore.

Comprising two tracks, the courses will include Operational Technology (OT) courses that address existing gaps in cybersecurity training for Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) sector professionals, and IT courses that introduce cybersecurity fundamentals to both technical and business professionals.

“Given the always-evolving nature of technology, it’s imperative for professionals managing critical infrastructure to continuously upgrade their own capabilities and be well-equipped to identify and prevent potential cyberattacks from any source, at any time,” said Steve Leonard, founding CEO of SGInnovate.

Structured to align with the key pillars of the Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy, supported by SkillsFuture Singapore, the OT courses will be tailored to the needs of individuals working in the 11 CII sectors in Singapore, including energy, healthcare, media and transport.

The OT courses will be jointly offered by the three parties, and aim to train 1,000 professionals and strengthen the resilience of the CII sectors. As a start, the two courses that would be offered are:

  • Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems Engineer (CSIE)
  • Industrial Control Systems Supervisor (CSIS)

SGInnovate and Tegasus International also collaborate on four IT courses targeted at technical managers, business heads, students and other professionals across all industries.  The courses aim to benefit some 1,500 professionals. They comprise:

  • Principles and Engineering of Secure Solution
  • Principles of Information Security Controls
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals (Part 1)
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals (Part 2)

The first Cybersecurity IT course will be launched within the fourth quarter of 2019. The other courses will progressively be introduced in 2020.