Fujitsu, Macquarie Uni joint AI lab debuts with digital coaching tech

Fujitsu and Macquarie University have establishment the Fujitsu Macquarie AI Research Lab at Macquarie University, as part of the Fujitsu Small Research Lab programme. 

The AI lab aims to strengthen an ongoing collaboration in the research and development of promising applications of AI and future technologies. 

The lab’s inaugural project will focus on the development of digital coaching technology to optimise training to individual’s skills, expertise, and goals. It draws on Macquarie University’s advanced research capabilities and talent along with Fujitsu’s expertise in areas like Generative AI and human sensing technology. 

The technology developed from this partnership aligns with Singapore’s push to deploy scalable and impactful AI solutions in key sectors such as healthcare and retail. 

Macquarie University hosts world-leading AI research capabilities at its Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence and Centre for Health Informatics, pioneering projects in a variety of fields like banking, education, and healthcare, to identify new technology applications and address societal challenges. 

Fujitsu will deliver newly developed technology in this research project through its Fujitsu Kozuchi – Fujitsu’s AI Platform, which offers users access to a range of modules and functions based on advanced AI technologies. 

Fujitsu Australia will develop and conduct demonstrations for implementation of this technology in multiple fields such as healthcare, retail, and public sector. S. Bruce Dowton, vice-chancellor and president at Macquarie University noted that they are host to Fujitsu’s first Small Research Lab in the Southern Hemisphere and only the third outside Japan. 

Toshihiro Sonoda, head of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Fujitsu Research, said the establishment of the lab at Macquarie University marks an important step forward in deepening AI technology and its applications.

“We are confident that it will bring innovation and contribute to solving global challenges,” said Sonoda. “We anticipate many great results as we further deepen our work together with Macquarie.” 

Fujitsu VP Alfee Lee said the lab exemplifies the spirit of academic-industry collaboration to spark innovation as part of our global R&D strategy. 

“Our work with Macquarie University’s world-class researchers will help us boost our ability to bring transformative applications of future technologies to advance key sectors in ANZ and Asia,” said Lee. “Through this next-gen innovation we aim to improve the quality of life and resolve challenges in society.”