Japfa, Singlife tap Qlik to boost operations with analytics

Photo courtesty of Japfa Vietnam

Singapore-based Japfa, the integrated agri-food company, is harnessing Qlik solutions to support its delivery of safe, nutritious, and traceable protein foods across diverse Asian markets including Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, India and Bangladesh.

At the same time, homegrown financial services firm Singlife partnered with Qlik to enhance its digital agility and analytics capabilities. This collaboration aims to improve customer service and deliver value-driven digital financial services.

Japfa leverages Qlik to transform raw, voluminous data into actionable insights, directly impacting poultry production decisions such as feed optimisation and growth tracking. 

Integrating Qlik with Japfa’s Information Management System (JIMS) eradicates data inconsistencies, thereby boosting cross-departmental cooperation and enabling a unified approach to data-driven decision making.

Qlik addresses the challenges posed by Japfa’s expanding data requirements, transcending previous limitations of basic analytics tools.

“In our quest for efficiency, real-time, cloud-based insights are indispensable,” said Kwang Chin Eu, chief digitalisation officer at Japfa. “Qlik not only enhances our decision-making processes but also strengthens team collaboration and understanding, propelling us towards intelligent, data-centric operations.”

At Singlife, through Qlik’s cloud data integration and visualisation capabilities, employees gain access to 360° real-time customer insights, including claim processes and call centre service inquiries. 

These insights empower employees to make informed decisions, reduce friction, and elevate the customer experience for over one million customers across Singapore and Southeast Asia. 

As a result, the claims process has been streamlined, leading to enhanced efficiency and 35% reduction in data analysis costs.

In line with its cloud-first strategy, Singlife is moving its business analytics infrastructure to the cloud in 2024. 

This move will further enhance its digital capabilities and make it one of the first few financial services companies in the ASEAN region to fully migrate its business intelligence (BI) solutions to the cloud.

Qlik Cloud provides Singlife with AI-powered data integration and analytics solutions that deliver analytics-infused customer and employee insights. 

These holistic solutions scale on-demand to unlock immediate value and actions, such as claim resolutions and new service delivery.

To support its digital transformation journey, Singlife has developed over 300 BI applications, including customer- and internal-facing apps, from multiple internal data sources. These applications utilise Qlik Sense to tackle complex analytics challenges. 

Singlife will also utilise Qlik’s Singapore cloud region to store and deploy data for analytics locally at scale, ensuring optimal operational performance and data compliance while achieving cost savings.

“Data is crucial for making informed decisions, and Qlik is helping Singlife make better decisions faster to improve our customer care while driving costs down,” said Richard Vargo, Singlife’s group head of products, propositions and transformation.