Ransomware’s three-act playbook

Modern ransomware is carried out as a three-act playbook: initial access, midgame, and extortion.

How blockchain can transform IP protection

Here's how blockchain can help morernise what is often described as an opaque, dated, and bureaucratic IP protection sector.

Identity security should be at the core of zero trust

With cybercriminals getting more inventive in their methods, identity security must be at the core of a zero-trust architecture. Here's why.

How to make the jump to a unified observability platform

The need for a single observability platform is clear. Here are a few suggestions how companies can implement it successfully.

Ransomware is not new, so why are businesses still falling for it?

Here are several things that businesses can do to improve their cyber hygiene and minimise the impact of ransomware.

Is your business prepared for rising ransomware threats?

The pressure on cybersecurity leaders is increasing due to the prevalence of ransomware. Here are ways to reduce its personal and business cost.

Is the reign of hybrid work coming to an end?

Is hybrid work ending? Learn how companies can navigate the shift towards flexibility and equity in the modern workplace.

Assessing data management practices: Is your business AI-ready?

Discover if your business is AI-ready by evaluating data management practices. Explore the impact of effective data handling on AI adoption.

Enhancing online streaming with advanced CDN solutions

Explore key trends in CDN and streaming tech that enhance webinar and live-stream experiences, offering security, speed, and flexibility.

How AI impacted data privacy and cybersecurity

Here is a look at AI's role in data privacy and cybersecurity, highlighting benefits and challenges amid evolving threats.
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Revealing the true cost of data: Confluent CTO’s insights

Confluent CTO Chad Verbowski discusses rising data costs and how new analytics advancements can manage and address them.