Burger King Taiwan boosts website conversions with Appier

Burger King Taiwan is leveraging Appier’s AI Personalization Cloud to harness diverse creative modules and effortlessly create eye-catching and engaging marketing campaigns, thus offering customers a unique and personalised experience. 

By providing a personalised experience for its customers, Burger King Taiwan achieved remarkable breakthroughs in on-site clicks and conversion rates, aligning with various marketing objectives such as consumer journeys, festive periods, new store launches, and seasonal promotions.

Amid tight competition, Burger King Taiwan wanted to boost customer conversions on its website and expand the average order value through more precise and engaging personalised marketing initiatives. 

With Appier’s AI-powered personalised marketing platform, the fastfood chain was able to collect and analyse customers’ online behavior, including product pages browsed, and shopping cart items. 

This enabled Burger King Taiwan to execute targeted segmentation marketing campaigns based on detailed information about customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to seize every crucial moment of customer interactions.

Appier’s AI-powered Personalization Cloud analyses user behavior on a website. Once it detects a user’s intent to leave the site, the system will automatically trigger a pop-up window with a discount offer. 

This approach effectively retained customers by converting them into buyers and yielded a conversion rate of 31%. 

Further, Appier helped Burger King Taiwan to set up various reward thresholds based on current cart value, incentivising customers to purchase more. This helped achieved an average click-through rate of 27%, thereby boosting the overall order value.

Building upon the success of its physical stores, Burger King Taiwan strives to amplify its online sales and cultivate customer loyalty. 

With Appier’s AI-powered Personalization Cloud, marketers can access an extensive selection of creative modules, allowing them to seamlessly create various promotional campaigns, irrespective of their programming expertise.

For example, during the Double 12 campaign, Burger King Taiwan used a webpage countdown timer to create a sense of urgency, resulting in a 6% increase in conversion rate. 

Additionally, for the grand opening of a new store, Burger King Taiwan used the built-in creative design module to create the lucky draw game and deliver coupons in a fun and interactive way, which achieved a 50% discount code usage rate.

In addition to interactive marketing modules, delivering targeted marketing messages tailored to customer needs proves to be an effective strategy in attracting consumers. 

By integrating the AI Personalization Cloud with the OpenWeather API, Burger King Taiwan can recommend products or promotional activities aligned with the local weather conditions in a user’s location. 

For instance, during warmer days, the platform will automatically recommend refreshing cold beverage promotions, while in the event of a high probability of rain, it will push delivery promotions. 

By offering customers the most suitable products or offers for their current situation, Burger King Taiwan was able to enhance customer loyalty even further.

Managing multiple waves of marketing campaigns during holiday seasons can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for marketers. However, Burger King Taiwan used the one-stop AI Personalization Cloud to deliver automated communications, making executing multiple waves of marketing campaigns easy. 

During the Double 11 campaign, Burger King Taiwan strategically orchestrated multiple waves of broadcast messages. It triggered content for different phases of the campaign, including event warm-up, lucky draw, double points, and limited-time offers.

Karin Jiang, marketing director of Burger King Taiwan, said with AI data analysis and segmentation capabilities, they can develop personalised marketing strategies based on customer insights, delivering engaging and precise messages and offers to each customer, and seizing every communication touchpoint.