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Armis builds up AI-based powerhouse, acquires Silk Security

Armis, the asset intelligence cybersecurity company, has acquired Silk Security, the platform for cyber risk prioritisation and remediation for a total of US$150 million.

Through this, Armis will integrate the Silk Platform into the Armis Centrix AI-based Vulnerability Prioritization and Remediation solution to ramp up its capabilities.

Armis expects to be able to provide security teams with a consolidated view of security findings that encompass all sources of data from on prem devices to cloud compute, code, and application security tools, and fully manage and automate remediation.

“Global enterprises and governments need a platform that can address the entire lifecycle of cybersecurity threats,” said Yevgeny Dibrov, CEO and co-founder, Armis. 

“Given today’s complicated, dynamic threat landscape, legacy technologies and point solutions are no longer fit for purpose,” said Dibrov. “To ensure the entire attack surface is both defended and managed in real time, organisations need a comprehensive solution that quantifies and reduces risk continually through the ability to prioritise and remediate the most important security findings at any given time, in any environment.”

Yoav Nathaniel, CEO and co-founder of Silk Security,” said organisations across the world are struggling to address increasing concerns about security risks to ensure business continuity. 

These concerns can be resolved by creating proactive strategies to identify, manage and reduce those risks,” said Nathaniel. “Customers of Silk Security and Armis are going to have an accelerated advantage in the use of our technology with this unprecedented integration, benefiting from a holistic approach for exposure management that works even for the most complex organisations.”

By acquiring Silk Security, Armis Centrix will now encompass all sources of data including from on prem devices to code, cloud and application security tools. 

This will provide security and developer teams with a consolidated view into any security findings and will empower them to manage the remediation process in an effective way.

This most recent acquisition completes Armis’ strategy of building a comprehensive platform that can see, protect and manage all assets and devices anywhere in the organisation’s digital footprint.  

Over the past eight years Armis has engineered and developed its AI-powered Armis Centrix platform to address all facets of cyber threat exposure management. From asset discovery and management through to vulnerability discovery, prioritisation and now remediation.