Air India raises ERP to cloud thru SAP

Air India has migrated its core Enterprise Resource Planning system using RISE With SAP, a tailor-made ERP software, bundled with transformation services, business analytics, and partner expertise that helps companies complete their personalised path to the cloud. 

This migration was a critical component in the larger digital transformation of Air India, with an impact on the modernisation across business operations such as finance and human resources as well as major functional areas such as commercial, operations, and engineering.

One of the biggest challenges Air India faced in its modernisation efforts was its outdated ERP system running on a decade-old mainframe and associated software. 

The migration and cutover of such critical systems are normally performed with backup and restore operations on an equivalent system. The unavailability of such a system anywhere in the world was a seemingly insurmountable hurdle. 

Air India worked in close collaboration with SAP to devise innovative solutions and techniques to overcome the challenge and eventually deliver a successful migration ahead of schedule. 

This migration paves the way for further modernisation of Air India’s ERP system and the combination of other Group airlines into one entity.

Air India’s chief digital and technology officer Satya Ramaswamy said the airline’s vision is to emerge as the world’s most technologically advanced airline. 

“A critical and foundational capability for this is a highly reliable, scalable modern ERP system that will drive significant improvements to our operational efficiency and assist us in creating a delightful customer experience,” he said. 

“We identified the migration of our ERP System to a modern cloud infrastructure as one of the most important steps in this transformation journey,” he added.