GLP picks Zscaler to boost cloud security across global sites

GLP, a global real estate logistics provider and investment manager, is leveraging Zscaler for Users, part of the AI-powered Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange cloud security platform, to further strengthen its cybersecurity practice across its portfolio. 

GLP determined the security limitations and risk associated with their legacy security stack built on VPNs was not able to protect their users, data and applications from the increase in sophisticated cyber attacks. 

Founded in 2009, GLP is a global business builder, owner, developer and operator of logistics real estate, data centres, renewable energy and related technologies. 

At present, GLP has highly distributed operations in over 20 countries, including China, Brazil, India, Japan, and the US, with more than 70 offices worldwide. GLP has over 4,000 physical and digital properties globally.

Given the sheer volume of assets to secure, GLP was in need of a robust cybersecurity strategy to tackle the mounting challenges posed by the increase in cyber threats. 

Convinced of the value of a Zero Trust architecture, GLP needed a technology partner that could help protect its entire portfolio from intellectual property to private client data across its digital assets globally.

“With the increasing physical and digital footprint of the company, it was imperative for us to be proactive in creating a cybersecurity strategy that would ensure our critical assets are well protected from escalating threats,” shared Miao Song, global CIO at GLP. 

“Previously, we had been utilising different tools and systems, such as VPN, to keep our network and assets secure but we realised that the suite of products we had deployed were ineffective in meeting our cybersecurity goals,” said the CIO. “We were looking for a partner that can help us implement a robust Zero Trust strategy and selected Zscaler for its capabilities in helping us attain our desired outcome.”

As part of the first phase of their Zero Trust transformation, GLP is deploying the Zscaler Private Access solutions that will enable both GLP staff as well as third-party vendors to securely and effortlessly access private apps and OT devices. 

With Zscaler for Users, GLP and its affiliated users expect to be able to take advantage of Zero Trust connectivity directly to applications. This is especially beneficial in managing assets across the enterprise’s hybrid cloud environment globally. 

“The severity, frequency and volume of cybersecurity is escalating faster each year. These growing threats pose a data security challenge to multinational corporations when it comes to protecting their assets across all locations, all the time,” said Andreas Hartl, Zscaler SVP in Asia Pacific and Japan.