7 in 10 firms don’t trust their own data

Photo by Stephen Dawson

Less than one third of data specialists — 31% worldwide and 29% in Asia Pacific — are fully confident in their ability to deliver trusted data at speed throughout their organisation, a new global survey from Talend shows.

The survey conducted by Opinion Matters covered 763 data professionals including executives and operational data workers around the globe.

According to the survey, there is a significant gap in perceptions between senior IT management and mid-ranking data professionals, with the former substantially more confident in their organisations’ abilities.

“Organisations are struggling to deliver trusted data when they need to deliver it and they are also struggling to gain credibility internally, in the market and with customers,” said Ciaran Dynes, SVP of products at Talend.

“Although generating trust may come from the top, the ability to deliver trusted data at speed requires the commitment of every data specialist within an organisation as well as cultural alignment,” Dynes said. “This usually relies on the work of data champions, who have the skills to lead cultural change in data handling and processes as well.”

Survey findings reveal that despite the importance of ensuring speed and trust in data, only 11% of respondents consider that their businesses have reached excellence in both speed and integrity.

Overall, people close to data (data workers) are less confident in their organisations’ abilities to trust in their own data, with only 31% (29% in APAC) showing high levels of confidence. By contrast, 46% (45% in APAC) of respondents at a management level are confident in the ability of their organisations to deliver trusted data at speed.

Also, The survey shows that only 38% (39% in APAC) of respondents believe their organisations excel in controlling data quality. Less than one in three (29% Global, 27% APAC) operational data workers are confident their companies’ data is always accurate and up-to-date. 

Further, only 34% (29% in APAC) of operational data workers believe in their organisations’ capability to succeed in a 360-degree real-time data integration process whereas respondents at a management level again feel more confident (46% Global and 48% APAC) in this regard.