ThousandEyes: Vision and Insights to Drive Strategic Growth

This whitepaper is sponsored by JOS Singapore.

With the shift towards digital workplaces driving more interactions online, employees and clients now have greater expectations of the digital experience. This creates a new function for the IT teams transforming their companies for the future: delivering an exceptional user experience to customers, employees, and partners while considering the specific needs of their sector and company size.

To achieve this, IT necessarily relies on a host of external dependencies and services including the cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) and the internet. These services deliver the powerful flexibility and agility needed for the modern enterprise, but with the drawback that they are neither owned nor entirely controllable by the organisations themselves.

Overcoming the operational blind spots resulting from this ecosystem of external dependencies and third-party services is a key challenge for IT teams seeking to provide optimal digital experiences for their users. Success in this area will allow organisations to preserve strong relationships with customers and employees while harnessing new technology as it evolves.

This is where Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) steps in, providing visibility into the networked applications and services that underpin the modern enterprise. Download the whitepaper below to find out more.