SpaceDC pioneers data centre cooling technology in Indonesia

SpaceDC is deploying Vertiv’s thermal wall technology in their first data centre in Jakarta, Indonesia, to help increase the overall efficiency of the campus and reduce the amount of plant space required to cool the facility.

The data centre will be the first for Indonesia that SpaceDC is featuring this advanced cooling technology, which uses cool air fed in a horizontal direction from the side of the wall into the data hall.

To deliver the most efficient cooling possible, SpaceDC together with Vertiv and DKSH Indonesia have determined that this will prove to be the most effective method to precision cool the data hall space.

“As the cloud and edge become more prominent in today’s data centre ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is an evolution happening in the data centre,” said John Niemann, VP of global offerings at Vertiv.

“Creativity and versatility are required to meet the demands of today’s diverse facilities. In this spirit, Vertiv’s thermal wall meets the physical space limitations and energy efficiency requirements of SpaceDC while delivering reliable, facility-wide thermal management,” said Niemann.

Benoit Fissot, managing director of Business Unit Technology at DKSH Indonesia, said SpaceDC is bringing to Indonesia an innovative way to design and operate data centres, being pioneers to adopt best in class cooling solutions.

The thermal walls feature large coils that require lesser pressure to be applied. This design passes air across wider surface areas, and thus reduces the amount of energy needed to power them, and subsequently the data hall.

SpaceDC designs the location of the thermal walls to be placed outside the data hall to remove the need to enter for maintenance and reduces the risk of water potentially leaking in.

“To ensure that our data centre is reliable, resilient and efficient we are deploying a number of innovations into the (Indonesia) facility,” said Darren Hawkins, CEO of SpaceDC. “The Vertiv  thermal wall is the first of several initiatives we will be announcing as we approach completion of the campus.”