SAIC Volkswagen gears up to comply with IoV rules

SAIC Volkswagen (SVW) engaged Cloudera to build a vehicle data monitoring platform in order to address regulatory requirements on collecting and monitoring smart vehicle data for its Internet of Vehicles (IoV) business. 

China-based SVW has realised significant performance improvements in core run batch operations since deploying the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) for vehicle data monitoring operations. 

This has also reduced costs while optimising efficiency in data operations by saving up to 67% of storage space, which would improve vehicle monitoring efficiency and optimise management of vehicle data.

With the rapid growth of new energy vehicles (NEVs) in recent years, the volume and complexity of vehicle monitoring information has shown an exponential increase. 

At the same time, the state has put forward a further call for new energy vehicle monitoring and information sharing, which creates a need for better computing power, storage, transmission and application of the data monitoring related to vehicle enterprises.

Considering this, the SVW Big Data Platform team started to build a new platform for vehicle data monitoring based on big data technology in 2017 to empower the key business development of new energy vehicles. In 2022, SVW upgraded its data platform to the CDP for further optimisation of data storage and operation performance. 

These performance upgrades ensure that SVW’s vehicle monitoring data chain can be completely stored and analysed in detail, and fully meet the requirements of national vehicle data management laws and regulations. 

In addition, based on this data platform, SVW has also built the SAIC Motor application, which brings smarter automobile services to customers, including remote checking of real-time vehicle status, intelligent navigation services, etc. The platform has reached 6 million users in less than two years since its launch.

“The vehicle data monitoring platform we built can easily realise massive data storage and perfect vehicle data monitoring and analysis; and this data will further help us better serve vehicle owners and promote the continuous development of our IoV business,” said Xie Cong, head of Big Data Platform at SVW Database.

“As a mature Big Data platform, CDP has effectively helped us address the challenge of storing, managing and computing the ever-growing real-time data,” said Cong. “We will work with Cloudera to further address storage-computing separation and the inconsistent growth rate of computing and storage for the best performance-resource balance based on the changes in workloads.”

Wang Gang, VP of Cloudera Greater China, said that at a time when the IoV market is evolving rapidly, considerable concern arises about data monitoring and management of intelligent vehicles from the state to the industry. How to store, manage and gain insights from Big Data is important for the development of car companies. 

Looking ahead, SVW intends to continue to expand the adoption of more CDP features and use the advantages of a data lakehouse infrastructure to upgrade its data monitoring platform, laying a solid data-driven foundation for the continued innovation of intelligent connected vehicle services.