Hotel Monterey lifts personalised hospitality with Appier

Hotel Monterey, which operates 21 hotels in 10 major cities across Japan, is enhancing its customer experience by adopting a range of solutions from Appier, including the AI-driven customer data platform, AIRIS, for more efficient data integration. 

Additionally, Hotel Monterey will leverage the AI Personalization Cloud, AIQUA, and the AI conversational marketing platform, BotBonnie, to facilitate individually tailored customer interactions and dynamic marketing strategies. 

These three solutions will work together to help Hotel Monterey improve its service quality, aiming to meet the diverse needs of its guests.

AIRIS is a customer data platform powered by AI that creates a detailed 360-degree profile of customers. It enables the visualisation and evaluation of various customer interactions, aiding in data-driven investment decisions based on user behaviour analysis.

AIQUA facilitates the creation and automated distribution of customised messages and recommendations, timed optimally and delivered through the most suitable customer channels. 

These channels include websites, apps, push notifications, email, SMS, and social media, providing companies with various options for customer engagement.

BotBonnie is an omnichannel-compatible AI conversational marketing tool that integrates with platforms like LINE, Messenger, Instagram, and web chat. 

By simplifying customer journeys and using interactive marketing methods, businesses aim to improve customer loyalty.

The main objective is to use digital marketing to better understand customer preferences, increase engagement, and maintain customer loyalty.

To this end, the hotel has identified two key objectives: First, to merge scattered customer data from across the organisation, and second, to offer personalised and efficient services.

However, the hotel faced challenges as its customer data was stored in a single CRM system, which required substantial time for data registration and integration across various platforms, including adding new member data.

This presented a challenge to the hotel’s aim of quickly gathering customer insights and adjusting its services accordingly.

Furthermore, the practice of dispatching the same direct mailings to all customers did not allow for individualised approaches.

With the aid of BotBonnie, the hotel can craft personalised services that adapt to customer behaviour on-site, regardless of the different ways customers interact with the hotel.

By integrating data from multiple channels, Hotel Monterey has gained useful customer insights, which help in delivering services that meet customer needs accurately.

“With Appier’s suite of AI enterprise solutions, including AIRIS, AIQUA, and BotBonnie, we’ve achieved real-time integration and analysis of user profiles across offline, online, and social platforms,” said Atsushi Hasebe, director of planning and administration at Hotel Monterey.

“This has improved our ability to reach our target audience, enhanced the experience for our members, helped maintain customer loyalty, and aided us in developing a more effective marketing strategy, especially in the context of increased travel following the pandemic.”