Puppet automates security at DBS Bank

DBS, one of Asia’s leading financial services groups, is working with United States-based Puppet Enterprise to automate its security configuration management. 

Security configuration management at DBS involves compliance checks and guidelines set by international organisations to enhance overall security. 

These security configuration definitions are converted into an automated capability to scan servers in the bank for the purpose of non-compliance reporting and rectification. 

DBS selected Puppet Enterprise, which enables DBS to manage policy enforcement and reversion to baseline security configuration while also handling deviations. It also serves as the automation orchestrator engine for their proprietary solution, SecureSys. 

With Puppet Enterprise, DBS has made significant progress with their SecureSys framework, moving from monolithic and manual configuration management to an automated and scalable solution. 

With the automation, DBS was able to reduce the equivalent effort of 13 staff down to three while freeing up the time and energy for engineers to invest in other value-driven innovation or projects that the organisation could benefit from in the long term.  

Auto-healing also removed the toil on both infrastructure and application teams who no longer need to coordinate with each other for fixes.

Before 2018, security configuration management at DBS was a manual process consisting of regularly generating reports, reviewing them, and subsequently remediating the security configurations in between cycle periods. 

This end-to-end effort was maintained by a team of 13 staff members. As the number of servers grew each year, the total time required for the scanning and reporting process also increased, prompting DBS to search for and develop a new solution to manage the process more efficiently. 

“DBS has gained multiple prestigious accolades and recognition as the global best bank, and they continue to shape the future of banking,” said Rachel Lew, Puppet’s regional director in Asia and Japan.” 

“At Puppet, we are strongly committed to supporting DBS to deliver on its pledge to its customers to be one of Asia’s most secure banks through our infrastructure automation platform,” said Lew.