NTU Singapore, AMD make DS&AI Lab official

AMD and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, with the support of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), have officially opened the NTU-AMD Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DS&AI) Lab. 

With a dedicated goal of nurturing the next generation of globally-competitive tech leaders and innovators, AMD and NTU’s synergised efforts will augment local DS&AI education, equipping students with the tech tools and skills needed to inspire a better future. 

The NTU-AMD DS&AI Lab will combine AMD’s leading-edge deep-learning technology and NTU’s global strengths in machine learning, AI and data science, enabling local DS&AI talent to pioneer the development of impactful AI solutions in key sectors. 

About 150 NTU students from NTU’s Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program have benefitted from the Lab’s facilities since it was launched in 2018. These undergraduates attended lessons at the Lab and were able to access computing resources through the AMD server for their projects and other related activities. 

“Entering into the next phase of [Singapore’s] growth, it is imperative to build a strong bench of multidisciplinary talent to meet the needs of the industry,” said Chang Chin Nam, EDB SVP and head operations of semiconductors. “This partnership between AMD and NTU to nurture next-generation tech leaders will contribute to this effort, creating good economic opportunities for Singaporeans.” 

In 2018, AMD provided one instance of its first-generation EPYC server processor and Radeon Instinct MI25 accelerator that can be scaled to handle hyperscale workloads. 

In 2020, AMD upgraded the hardware to keep up with evolving server technology, providing five instances of AMD’s second-generation EPYC processor and Radeon Instinct MI50 accelerator, designed with deep learning operations, double precision performance, and hyper-fast HBM2 memory. 

This injection of advanced technology in NTU’s DS&AI Program is intended to expose students to invaluable real-world machine learning and deep learning application, equipping them with the technical skills and knowledge to navigate and elevate Singapore’s DS&AI capabilities. 

Professor Louis Phee, dean of NTU’s College of Engineering, said this collaboration exposes students to real-world applications and cutting-edge technologies and enables them to acquire practical experience through attachment and internship opportunities with AMD. 

“This partnership will better prepare our students to tackle the challenges of an increasingly evolving and digitalised world driven by Industry 4.0. and help them get a head start in making their mark in the industry after graduation,” said Phee.