Pharmarack smoothens medicine commerce in India with AI, cloud

Pharmarack in India chose Informatica’s intelligent Master Data Management (MDM) on Amazon Web Services to support  the India-based  commerce-to-insights technology firm in improving the ease of transactions between stockists, chemists and pharmaceutical companies across the country.

A pioneering commerce-to-insights technology company addressing core trade challenges encountered by the Indian pharmaceutical industry, Pharmarack empowers general pharmaceutical trade with a national reach of more than 250,000 chemists and druggists and over 12,000 distributors and stockists trading in more than 300,000 SKUs across 6,000 brands. 

One of the fundamental trade challenges in a marketplace is the consistency of the data catalog throughout the value chain, a problem that Pharmarack aims to resolve using Informatica’s intelligent MDM.

“With Informatica, we can be assured of a high-quality, consistent master data catalog democratised across all levels and throughout the entire value chain, empowering small and medium business users and reducing time-to-market,” said Arundhati Kshirsagar, chief data and analytics officer at Pharmarack.

“This helps address the issue of spurious medicines and ensures the availability of quality medicines to consumers throughout the country,” said Kshirsagar.

Resolving data catalog inconsistency and achieving a single golden record when trying to merge more than 12,000 unique independent catalogs is a significant challenge if done manually. 

With Informatica’s intelligent MDM, Pharmarack aims to tackle this problem for an entire industry offering small and medium businesses in India with catalog quality comparable to that of giant e-commerce players. 

This solution could be used by more than a million chemists and stockists, enabling them to harness the potential of digital technology without concerns about catalog consistency. 

Also, this is expected to significantly improve the availability of medicines, reduce expiry and enhance efficiency in the Indian pharmaceutical value chain.

Steven Seah, Informatica managing director in ASEAN, India, and Korea, said their solution will enable Pharmarack to streamline their data management environment and scale rapidly.