Matsumoto Precision taps SAP for emissions tracking per product

Matsumoto Precision, a Japan-based precision machine parts processing company, has adopted SAP Sustainability Footprint Management to provide information on carbon dioxide emissions per product to its business partners.

The company, which processes pneumatic control components, automotive parts, and more, implemented the solution in partnership with Accenture to improve the environmental and economic value of Matsumoto Precision’s products. 

Accenture supported the implementation of the solution and the calculation of carbon dioxide emissions for each product.

“Our aim is to realise our vision of running ‘The Sustainable Factory’, including self-sufficiency in electricity through solar power and purchase of electricity with non-fossil certificates,” said Toshitada Matsumoto, president of Matsumoto Precision. 

“SAP Sustainability Footprint Management enables us to record, report, and act on carbon dioxide emissions on a per-product basis, giving us and our partners better insight into the environmental impact of our businesses,”

Matsumoto Precision is the first company to benefit from the Connected Manufacturing Enterprise (CME) platform, a common business system created by SAP Japan and Accenture to improve the productivity of small and medium-size manufacturing. 

The CME platform is a cloud-based service standardising business systems for SME manufacturing companies, incorporating a regional ERP platform consisting of various templates developed by Accenture based on SAP S/4HANA.

The company began using the CME platform in April 2021 to standardise its business processes. The use of SAP S/4HANA has improved productivity by about 30% and has increased the speed of management decision-making.

Hirofumi Suzuki, president and managing director of SAP Japan, said Matsumoto Precision adds value and differentiate what they sell by promptly providing information on carbon dioxide emissions at product level.  

Although the company had been working to visualise emissions at the plant level it had not been able to do so on a product-by-product basis. SAP Sustainability Footprint Management calculates emissions for every product based on the individual manufacturing performance information already available in SAP S/4HANA.