Panasonic Connect boosts DX with joint Fujitsu-Red Hat services

Fujitsu and Red Hat launched a new agile consulting services to help Panasonic Connect transform into a hypothesis-testing business. 

The new service is jointly provided by Fujitsu in collaboration with Red Hat based on an announcement made in March 2022, and its adoption by Panasonic Connect marks an important milestone for the two companies as a major achievement of their collaboration. 

Fujitsu and Red Hat will continue to support Panasonic Connect’s digital transformation (DX) promotion and aim to establish an agile mindset for customers in various industries.

Panasonic Connect develops, manufactures, markets, and provides professional services for equipment and software for the supply chain, public services, consumer infrastructure, and entertainment sectors globally. 

At the beginning of development, Panasonic Connect was promoting agile development on its own. However, as the expansion of the scope of development required Panasonic Connect to run multiple teams on its own, it decided to adopt Fujitsu’s agile consulting services on the strength of its offering with Red Hat.

Fujitsu supports organisational change for customers to deliver transformational outcomes with successful use cases in human resources development, agile project management, and practical knowledge of internal DX.

Hiroki Teshima, head of the solution department group at Panasonic Connect, said Fujitsu and Red Hat’s agile support not only helped them to improve various practices, but also to change their mindset. 

“We are currently promoting automation and autonomy in our processes that utilise important data with Panasonic’s strengths such as device sensing and robotics, analysis of changes in the situation in real time using AI and computing, and providing feedback on appropriate decisions to the field,” said Teshima.