JCU Singapore rolls out AI-driven network with Juniper

James Cook University (JCU) Singapore, the first international campus of JCU Australia, deployed Juniper’s cloud-delivered wireless access solutions for upgrades to its campus network. 

With the Juniper Access Points, JCU Singapore has built an AI-driven wireless network that supports its drive towards creating a technology-enhanced education program, delivering seamless blended learning experiences for its students.

Fully owned by JCU Australia, the Singapore campus was established in 2003 as part of its commitment to internationalise its operations. 

In addition to its research programs, the university offers a range of university-level programs spanning various disciplines, including business, tourism and hospitality, information technology, education and psychology. 

Over the years, the university has invested in technology infrastructure to facilitate effective communication, virtual learning, collaboration, and campus facility enhancements.

During the pandemic, the university conducted over 60,000 online learning and teaching sessions before resuming full campus operations in 2022. 

In response to students’ feedback for JCU Singapore to continue providing a flexible learning environment, the university embarked on an ambitious project to offer most courses through a blended learning approach. 

Additionally, as the student population grew, the university recognised the need for a more robust network to support their evolving mobility requirements.

Building on a long-term relationship that spans across its campuses in Australia and Singapore, JCU Singapore teamed up with Juniper to overhaul its campus wireless network. 

Since implementing an AI-driven network, students and faculty have enjoyed improved wireless experiences. With the upgraded network from Juniper, JCU Singapore now has access to automated troubleshooting, analytics, and optimisation. 

In addition, cloud-based management also allows for centralised control, rapid deployment, and easy scalability.

Looking forward, the university is also exploring the upgrade of its existing Juniper switches, with plans to use Juniper’s Indoor Location Services to develop a campus navigation app.

These network enhancements align with the university’s commitment to redefining the campus experience to better cater to the needs and preferences of its students, staff, and guests.

“As (JCU) Singapore embraces blended learning, we recognised the need to modernise our network to deliver a stronger digital experience for our students, staff, and guests,” said Abdul Samathu, assistant manager of ICT at JCU.

“Juniper’s AI-driven solutions were key to helping us undergo a smooth transformation, enabling our IT team to seamlessly upgrade our network and provide a dependable high-speed wireless campus experience,” said Samathu.