Oreo maker casts wider net in SE Asia with Spider-Man

Photo by Jean Philippe Delberghe

Mondelēz International said it saw across Southeast Asia a significant boost in the brand engagement and sales of its flagship cookie brand Oreo, by implementing an agile marketing campaign surrounding the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The company used artificial intelligence-based contextual marketing tools from technology marketing firm SilverPush to drive up Oreo’s brand impressions and substantial sales on e-commerce channels.

Mondelēz partnered with Marvel to conduct a joint marketing campaign across several markets in Southeast Asia. The campaign sought to take advantage of the rapid and exponential rise of video consumption across the region.

To do this effectively, Mondelēz worked with SilverPush, using the latter’s “Mirrors” platform to laser-target Southeast Asian fans of Spider-Man and related audiences to strengthen the perceived connection between Oreo and the Marvel character.

“This avoided the use of brute-force-targeting and using private data of consumers. It is a far more elegant yet effective means of targeting,” said Nikhil Rao, marketing director of biscuits in Southeast Asia. “We would like to further use this technology to target people based on what they are watching instead of who they are or what their affinities are”.

SilverPush’s Mirrors is a marketing technology platform that is powered by AI, computer vision and deep learning. The platform was integrated into the month-long campaign to extract contextually relevant video content on YouTube, so that Oreo’s promotion with the Spider-Man film’s communication appeared on precise videos for optimal engagement.

This campaign was not limited to videos specific to the latest movie. Mirrors detected imagery related to all Spider-Man content, even spoofed ones, and then displayed ads based on real-time detection of objects within the videos.

Based on the objectives for the campaign, they identified mobile – especially video – as the key platform.