Microsoft, ServiceNow expand partnership to boost cloud

Photo by Stephen Brashear

Microsoft and ServiceNow are broadening their strategic partnership to significantly enhance the integration and optimisation of the companies’ products, platform and cloud capabilities.

Through this expanded partnership, the two companies will enable enterprise customers in certain highly regulated industries, as well as government customers, to accelerate their digital transformation and drive new levels of insights and innovation. 

For the first time, ServiceNow will house its full SaaS experience on Azure in addition to its own private cloud.

“There is an enormous opportunity for customers — including in the public sector — to apply the power of the cloud to become more efficient and responsive,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. “Our partnership combines ServiceNow’s expertise in digital workflows with Azure, our trusted cloud, so that customers can accelerate their digital transformation, while meeting their security and compliance needs.”

The expanded agreement builds on a partnership announced last fall by Microsoft and ServiceNow. By collaborating on next-generation experiences, they will leverage technology to bring further cognitive services and intelligence to products across the Now Platform with Microsoft 365 and Azure.

ServiceNow will use Azure Cloud as part of its preferred cloud platform for certain highly regulated industries, benefiting from Microsoft’s deep expertise in data protection, security, and privacy, including the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider.

ServiceNow will first be available through Azure Regions in Australia and Azure Government in the United States, followed by additional markets in the future.

As part of a separate transaction, Microsoft will implement ServiceNow’s IT & Employee Experience workflow products across its own business to improve operations, enhance employee experiences, and deliver stronger business outcomes.

With ServiceNow, Microsoft will bring even more digital workflows into its organization, so employees can spend less time on manual tasks.