IDEMIA pioneers mass-scale connectivity fleet swap with Mercedes-Benz

IDEMIA, the France-based identity technologies firm, has completed the first-of-its-kind mass-scale remote SIM provisioning campaign in the automotive industry with its Automotive Connectivity Manager platform. 

The group worked with Mercedes-Benz to transfer over 700,000 vehicles from one mobile network service provider to another, using over-the-air services.

The success of this campaign, which began in 2021 and ended in spring 2022, is the first of its kind globally. Combined with IDEMIA’s GSMA-compliant SM-SR, the cloud-based Automotive Connectivity Manager allows to manage end-to-end processes from eSIM profile order to activation, including download of mobile cellular subscriptions into eSIM-equipped connected cars.

Thanks to the flexibility of eSIM technology and IDEMIA’s Automotive Connectivity Manager, IDEMIA’s automotive customers are not locked-in with any mobile network service provider, and can easily swap vehicle fleets, thus enable substantial cost savings for worldwide fleet management. 

IDEMIA said this large-scale migration did not affect Mercedes-Benz car owners, nor will they notice the change, as this is a subscription migration strictly beneficial to the carmaker for better optimisation of their telematics services.

Philippe De Oliveira, SVP of IDEMIA’s automotive business line, said they have a long-standing business relationship with Mercedes-Benz.  

“We are excited that we have managed this massive subscription management campaign together very successfully,” he said. “This campaign has solidified IDEMIA’s leading expertise in connectivity management for the automotive industry; it will encourage our Automotive customers to use this technology more often in the future, to solve existing and upcoming business challenges.”