ICTSI deploys BlackBerry Cylance across global port network

Philippines-based International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) has deployed BlackBerry Cylance technology across all business units in Asia, Europe, Africa and The Americas to protect thousands of end-points across its global network.

ICTSI is leveraging CylancePROTECT to take a preventative approach against existing and future cyber threats – while unifying its end-point protection strategy with one vendor across its entire network.

“Every movement must be on time and secure to deliver the level of reliability we promise — 10 million times per year, 24/7,” said Brian Hibbert, CIO at ICTSI. “Cybersecurity is our priority at ICTSI, and why we need equally sophisticated, AI-driven-technology like BlackBerry Cylance to protect our assets.”

ICTSI has 32 ports in 18 countries and is responsible for ensuring that gateway ports provide the best service so cargo can move unimpeded. Any delay in ICTSI’s operations, physical or cyber, directly impacts local economies.

The ports operator required a solution that was efficient, reliable and easy-to-manage on a large scale, while addressing a variety of complex systems and end-points. The company chose CylancePROTECT because it was easy to deploy, consumed minimal resources on systems and consistently detected malware and threats that other anti-virus (AV) solutions missed.

The company operates in some of the world’s most remote locations, including the Democratic of Congo and Papua New Guinea. As CylancePROTECT does not require regular software updates, it is ideal for the most challenging environments where reliable connections are not always available.

ICTSI IT leaders based in different parts of the world have also found that uncommon software, even installed by privileged users – is automatically scanned and analysed by the solution; and when necessary – quarantined until deemed safe.