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Himalaya Airlines turns to Huawei to raise market play

Himalaya Airlines and Huawei Cloud signed on June 28 a memorandum of understanding through which the Chinese firm will help the Nepali carrier to accelerate their digital transformation and push the company to a new stage of rapid development.

The airline is working closely together with Huawei local team in Nepal to contribute in Nepal civil aviation industry with advanced digital technology.

In particular Huawei’s cloud and AI technology will help the Himalaya Airlines to digitalise management and financial system as well as improving internal efficiency. This is hoped to enable the carrier to be be more competitive in the domestic Nepal.

Huawei will provide cloud services to Himalaya Airlines as the initial part of two companies` strategic cooperation. Huawei Cloud offers more than 200 cloud services with more than 190 specific industry solution from financial services, e-commerce, logistic, healthcare, education, etc.

From the recent studies of Nepal’s Enterprise IT Services, it is shown that 74% of 11 industries — including media, entertainment, airlines, general retail, e-commerce — have chosen cloud service as the tool to digitalise their IT service to reduce high equipment investment, avoid complicated maintenance and ensure service reliability.

To ensure that consultation and delivery of services are made available in Nepal, Huawei established last January a cloud and AI local team which provide related services dedicatedly only for local government, enterprises and carriers.