Hilleman Labs pick SAP to bolster vaccines R&D

Image courtesy of SAP

Global biopharmaceutical firm Hilleman Laboratories Singapore has selected RISE with SAP to digitalise and accelerate innovation in its vaccine development programs. 

Hilleman Labs conducts research to develop cost-effective vaccines that tackle prevalent yet highly preventable diseases such as rotavirus, cholera, and shigella, in low and middle income countries. 

To achieve this, it is critical for the company to harness technological innovations to enhance collaboration between stakeholders, gather useful insights from multiple data sources, and accelerate the vaccine development process while ensuring industry compliance. 

RISE with SAP, SAP’s new Business Transformation as a Service (BTaaS) is a solution that supports customers in identifying value creation potential in the planning of strategic IT projects. 

Hilleman Labs’ adoption of RISE with SAP is aimed at enabling it to deploy a flexible digital infrastructure that complements, extends, and integrates with other solutions. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities have been embedded into the system. 

The objective is to enable scientists to conduct real-time analysis of process development and analytics, clinical and genomics data from different sources as well as create patient cohorts and check local feasibility of clinical trials quickly. 

The new infrastructure is targeted at achieving faster time to value and improved savings, speed, and decisions across the company by breaking down silos and integrating data, intelligent technology and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software on a single platform and data model. 

The deployment was achieved within a short timeframe of 75 days, supported by SAP partner ABEAM Consulting Singapore, engaged by Hilleman Labs as its implementation partner. 

“Infectious diseases while highly prevalent globally are preventable by vaccination, which underscores the importance of investing in research and development of vaccines that are equitable, affordable, and sustainable,” said Raman Rao, CEO of Hilleman Labs. 

“With the adoption of RISE with SAP, our goal is to become more agile, innovative and productive as we accelerate our efforts to develop new vaccines and unlock new vaccine development methods that could have significant impact globally,” said Rao. 

Eileen Chua, managing director of SAP Singapore, said Hilleman Labs’ vaccine development efforts are now backed by a strong digital core that aims to offer greater visibility, efficiency and agility while achieving business outcomes and supporting their mission to improve global health.