Heng Leong Hang goes for smart retailing with Nutanix

Heng Leong Hang is using the Nutanix Cloud Platform for its migration, which began with modernising the Taiwan-based retail brand’s data centre, continued with optimising the performance of its databases and applications, and now including a hybrid multicloud environment.

Established in 1960, Heng Leong Hang started as a brand distributor, and it now represents 25 renowned global brands across various categories, including environmental purification, kitchen appliances, kitchenware, health and beauty, and daily essentials. In recent years, it has actively expanded into the retail and brand commerce sectors.

Heng Leong Hang first used Nutanix in 2020 to modernise its data centre. 

This enabled the company to streamline its IT and helped it to overcome some challenges associated with a traditional three-tier architecture. These include network instability, the inability to quickly scale as its business grew, and labor-intensive processes that distracted its employees from helping to run its business.

After its data centre modernisation was completed, Heng Leong Hang migrated its internal databases and IT systems, and a variety of applications, including its mission-critical ERP application and e-commerce sites, to Nutanix.  

This resulted in increased stability for the ERP system, eliminating many backup and scheduling issues. Moreover, the number of daily alerts it had been receiving about the ERP application decreased by up to 98%, which reduced the burden on its IT personnel.

Heng Leong Hang’s SQL server migration to Nutanix also led to significant improvements in monitoring the operational status of the database. The response time for workflow processes and its integrated eForm system also decreased from 20 seconds to one, greatly enhancing employee efficiency. 

In addition, the time required to initiate virtual machines declined from 1.5 working days to just five minutes, leading to improvements in business productivity and efficiency. 

And finally, using Nutanix, Heng Leong Hang gained the ability to use one platform to improve the management of its hybrid multicloud environment which includes its on-premise data centre and the public clouds it uses for other applications.

Po-Lin Lu, senior manager of the operation service division at Heng Leong Hang, said the Nutanix Platform enables faster and more secure operation of the company’s systems and data. Thus, the company gained detailed insights into their clients and was able to leverage data to accelerate business decision-making efficiency. 

Moving forward, Heng Leong Hang plans to leverage business intelligence and other systems on Nutanix to gain deeper customer insights.