Fortinet affirms hyperscale firewall strength with Keysight test

Fortinet chose the Keysight’s network cybersecurity test platform to validate the hyperscale distributed denial of service (DDoS) defense capabilities and carrier-grade performance of its FortiGate 4800F next generation firewall (NGFW). 

Keysight noted that carrier networks, data centre operators and service providers are facing exponential growth in cyber-attacks, including DDoS attacks, which have increased by 40% in the last six months. 

The scope and scale of these DDoS attacks are also increasing, as shown by the recent, record-breaking Rapid Reset attack which peaked at 398 million requests per second (RPS).

Fortinet developed the FortiGate 4800F NGFW, which is powered by 16 NP7 network processors, to help carriers, data centre operators, and service providers protect their critical network infrastructure and services from hyperscale DDoS attacks and other cybersecurity threats while continuing to process multi-terabit volumes of legitimate customer traffic driven by the growing adoption of 400GE. 

Needing an application and security test solution powerful enough to validate the carrier-grade performance and security capabilities of the FortiGate 4800F NGFW prior to deploying in a live customer network, Fortinet turned to Keysight’s APS-M8400.

John Maddison, EVP of products and chief marketing officer at Fortinet, touted the FortiGate 4800F as the industry’s fastest compact hyperscale firewall, offering carrier-grade performance and scalability to safeguard datacenters and service providers as cyberattacks continue to accelerate at an unprecedented pace. 

“Powered by 16 of Fortinet’s custom built seventh-generation network processors, this NGFW delivers the necessary 400GE port density, multi-terabit application throughput, and session scalability to protect customers against DDoS attacks,” Maddison said. 

“This is validated by Keysight’s innovative APS-M8400 8x400GE cybersecurity test platform, proving that the FortiGate 4800F delivers the hyperscale performance and real-time threat protection our customers expect,” he added.

Ram Periakaruppan, VP and general manager at Keysight Network Test and Security Solutions, said that cybersecurity threats like DDoS attacks are continually increasing in scope, scale, and impact on their potential victims. 

“It is vital that carriers, service providers and data centres protect their critical infrastructure from these attacks to continue serving the hyperscale volumes of legitimate traffic that continue to grow at a rapid pace,” he said.