FedEx Express, eBay boost SMEs in South Korea

FedEx Express has launched an alliance program with eBay Korea, through which sellers in eBay Korea CBT (Cross Border Trade) will benefit from discounted international shipping rates, particularly for shipments to Europe and the United States.

FedEx will also host regular sessions to share insights and tips to help eBay sellers enhance their shipping and fulfillment strategy.

“Logistic is the backbone of the e-commerce economy and FedEx continues to use our global network to deliver new possibilities for Korean businesses,” said Eun-Mi Chae, managing director of FedEx Express Korea.

“Through this collaboration with eBay Korea CBT, we are excited to offer e-commerce and small-business owners access to the resources that allow them to reach their full growth potential,” said Chae.

Since entering into the Korean market in 2009, eBay has been supporting 14,000 local sellers to promote and sell their various products to consumers in 216 overseas markets.