Enterprises face challenges in finding the right talent for AI adoption in APAC: survey


A survey by technology research firm Hammerkopf has revealed that an overwhelming majority of management-level respondents in APAC face challenges in finding the right skill-sets and talent for AI. Coupled with the lack of continuous learning programmes, the challenge to upskill existing employees also ranks high as a challenge amongst enterprises. Almost all those who were surveyed believe that with the right talent, their AI adoption would be more positive.

Coupled with the skills challenge, is the cultural challenge that exists in enterprises.

“For forging ahead on AI, enterprises need to proactive reshape their internal organizational processes and efficiencies. The lack of thought leadership, risk-taking, and siloed organizational structure, coupled with the lack of resources, and the right infrastructure prohibits AI adoption,” said Namagiri Anand, Managing Partner, Hammerkopf.

As per the survey findings, enterprises looking at embracing AI face operational challenges, whether it be in breaking organizational silos (59%), or in identifying the right predictive analytics platforms (55%), and identifying the right technology partners (49%).

The enterprise survey covered 290 CxOs including business and IT leaders focused on AI. The enterprises covered in the survey cut across retail, IT/telecom, healthcare, financial services and insurance industries from across Asia Pacific, including Singapore, China, India, Australia and Indonesia.

Among those surveyed, an overwhelming majority of the management-level respondents indicated AI adoption at an early stage in their business processes and enterprises, while some led in adopting advanced AI use cases.

Commenting on the benefits realized from AI adoption, 80% of respondents cited improved business efficiencies, while 70% indicated greater customer engagement and customer experience insights, contributing to improved business services and products.

According to Anand,“The adoption of artificial intelligence is reshaping the way enterprises operate in Asia Pacific, and more specifically, on how they engage with their target markets and consumers therein. Our survey findings report that enterprises have gained business process efficiencies, and have been able to get swifter and better insights into their target consumer mindset.”