Universal Robots strengthens partner network in Malaysia

Universal Robots
Image courtesy of Universal Robots

Danish firm Universal Robots is strengthening its partner network in Malaysia with four new partners which will provide SMBs and enterprises with robot automation solutions. Bizit Systems in Johor, Multitrade Asiapac and Servo Dynamics in Penang and TEM Engineering in the Klang Valley, join the network of UR channel partners in Southeast Asia to support increasing demand for collaborative robots (cobots) in the region. In Malaysia, cobots are deployed in industries such as electronics, automotive, semiconductor, furniture and consumer products.

Shermine Gotfredsen, General Manager, Southeast Asia and Oceania at UR said, “Malaysia is an important market for Universal Robots due to rising demand for automation and strong government support for robotics. Our new partners have the technology expertise to assess, recommend and implement appropriate UR cobot solutions, notably for companies new to automation. They will also provide hands-on training to managers, technicians and workers. Cobots’ endless benefits and wide range of applications offer huge advantages for industries in Malaysia, enhancing productivity, quality and workers’ well-being.”

“Firms that have gone the automation route have increased production by as much as 300 per cent while reducing defects by 90 per cent and lifting profits by 20 per cent. Average automation levels within Malaysian manufacturing firms are still low – with 80 per cent automating less than 50 per cent of their processes. As businesses face rising costs for raw materials and a weak currency, investing in innovative automation technology is necessary to remain competitive. Those that have not done so must make the transition quickly,” she added.

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) ranked Malaysia 29th globally for automation adoption with a robot density of 34 industrial robots installed per 10,000 employees in 2016, far below the world average of 74.

Demand for automation and robotics continues to grow in Malaysia. The country was listed among 25 “Leading Countries” well-positioned to gain from Industry 4.0 in the Readiness for the Future of Production Report 2018 by the World Economic Forum.

Government incentives are driving automation adoption among SMBs in the country, which comprise 97 per cent of manufacturing firms. The Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) is working with industry players on a National Industry 4.0 Blueprint in 2018, prioritizing the uptake of new technologies, including robotics, to enhance the adoption of Industry 4.0.