CommScope powers J:COM 10G push in Kansai

Jupiter Telecommunications (J:COM) chose CommScope’s XE4202 10G-EPON Remote OLT fibre node module to deliver 10Gbps broadband to residential and business broadband customers in Japan’s Kansai region. 

This collaboration enables a large-scale commercial deployment of 10G EPON with Remote OLT in the Kansai region that J:COM will look to use as a model to expand 10Gbps broadband service in Japan. 

The deployment of 10G EPON with Remote OLT allows J:COM to leverage its existing hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) network and fibre nodes to offer 10G EPON, which enables groundbreaking 10Gbps symmetrical speeds using CommScope’s NC4000 Optical Node and CH3000 Headend Optics Platform. 

CommScope’s combination of headend, node, and optics solutions paves the way to further strengthen J:COM’s HFC and Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks.

The capability to support 10G EPON along with fibre deep upgrades allows J:COM to take immediate advantage of broadband spectrum expansions, virtualised and distributed access architectures, and to reduce capital and operating expenditures. 

The remote OLT system will also enable the use of centralised network management that can be located in the data centre. 

“This milestone deployment highlights the strength of our partnership with J:COM as well as our focus on Japan as a priority growth market,” said Morgan Kurk, EVP, CTO and segment leader of broadband networks at CommScope. 

“J:COM’s ‘network of the future’ showcases our portfolio’s versatility in facilitating the migration to FTTH, providing more network capacity and reliability for end users,” said Kurk. “Together, we’re delivering the fastest speeds and the most advanced broadband services for millions of consumers across Japan.” 

Shigenari Saito, managing corporate officer and GM of J:COM’s technology unit, said they are offering the “J:COM NET Hikari 10G Course /Hikari 5G Course /Hikari 1G Course” ultra-high speed data service the to Kansai area to meet the growing needs in high-speed, large-capacity communication due to video consumption and the growth of IoT in home devices.

“Working with our trusted partner CommScope on delivering a high-performance and high-quality network, we aspire to continue to provide valued services that would resonate with our customers,” said Saito.