Learning to accept the winds and pains of change

Businesses must tread a fine line in balancing the pros and cons of upgrading their data backup systems.

Cloud adoption — stepping up from ground zero

Here are some of the barriers and considerations that organisations must deal with to realise the full potential of the cloud.

Leveraging real-time data – the next phase of digital transformation

Many enterprises don't maximise their data. Here are a few ways they can utilise real-time data and turn into a data-driven organisation.

Intelligent video will fast-track smart cities of the future

The applications of intelligent video technology extend beyond security. Here are several possible ways to use it responsibly.

Securing critical infrastructure amid rising cyberattacks

The increase in cyberattacks poses risks to critical infrastructure. Here are ways IT and security teams can strengthen their security posture.

Website defacement: A 3-step defence

Here is a three-pronged approach to preventing, responding to, and rebuilding after a website vandalism attack.

Ad fraud, the lurking shadow of cyber fraud

Fraudsters are using technology to reap the rewards of mobile advertising budgets. Here's how advertisers can fight against it.

You’re not doing CX right without an analytics strategy

Companies can augment the customer experience with predictive analytics and turn a contact centre into a revenue driver. Here's how.

‘Tis the season for festive fraud

Fraudsters see this season as a great opportunity to lure undiscerning shoppers. Here are a few ways to avoid festive fraud.

How 6G can help deal with cyberattacks

Emerging tech like ML and AI will need robust cybersecurity to enable widespread adoption. Here's how 6G can make them more secure.
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AI, ML in cybersecurity can be two-edged: Exclusive Networks CEO

We spoke with Exclusive Networks' Jesper Trolle on how enterprises can harness AI and ML to defend against hackers.