Bank Mandiri taps Cloudera for data-driven response to COVID-19

Bank Mandiri has expanded its use of Cloudera’s data platform to strengthen its resiliency and agility in dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By using Cloudera’s data platform, the Indonesian bank can manage more than 100 million data records on a daily basis and make use of data-driven insights to adapt to the changing situation more quickly while monitoring the health of its customers and employees, and maintaining compliance with prevailing regulations.

“Cloudera’s data platform allows us to gain data-driven insights to adapt to changing situations quickly. At the same time, we can look after our customers and our tens of thousands of employees in terms of COVID-19 exposure,” said Billie Setiawan, head of enterprise data management at Bank Mandiri.

In response to such changes resulting from the pandemic, Bank Mandiri and Cloudera jointly built a big data platform known as Enterprise Information & Decision Platform, which serves three main purposes.

First, the platform monitors the liquidity and daily transactions of its 2,556 branch offices and 2,236 micro networks in real time. It also provides COVID-19 exposure zone mapping. As such, the bank can decide which branch should remain operational, as well as swiftly deliver that information to customers and stakeholders such as the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Second, the Enterprise Information & Decision Platform keeps track of the health status of Bank Mandiri’s 76,477 employees working in 12 regional offices, 90 area offices, and 2,556 branch offices every day. This enables the bank to decide how to best arrange its teams and minimise the risk of COVID-19 exposure to its employees.

Finally, Bank Mandiri is also using the Cloudera-powered big data platform to accelerate the debt restructuring process.  This allows the bank to maintain its service level agreement with customers as the platform helps analyse factors that can speed up the debt restructuring process.