Architecting Hybrid IT and Edge in a Distributed, Digital World

This Whitepaper is sponsored by Equinix.

In order to meet new digital demands, enterprises increasingly rely on IT that is housed outside of the traditional datacenter, whether that means using a public cloud, a hosted private cloud, a SaaS provider – or edge computing. As the deployment options for hybrid IT continue to transform core business processes, enterprises are being pushed closer to the edge, spurred by oncoming trends such as edge analytics, 5G and IoT. These shifts have resulted in new distributed models, and as a result, connectivity across ecosystems, partners and SaaS applications has become the enterprise’s lifeblood and cannot be left to the vagaries of the public internet.

This Pathfinder paper navigates decision-makers through the issues surrounding a specific technology or business case, explores the business value of adoption, and recommends the range of considerations and concrete next steps in the decision-making process.

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