Zebra, Singapore Poly build up manufacturing talent pool

Singapore Polytechnic will be using Zebra Technologies’ hardware and software technology to help prepare students for advanced manufacturing and to support Singapore’s vision of an Advanced Manufacturing Global Hub.

This new initiative is part of the ongoing partnership between Zebra Technologies and Singapore Polytechnic under a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The MOU outlines both parties’ intention to work together as part of the Singapore Polytechnic Advanced Manufacturing Partners Network, benefitting more than 240 Singapore Polytechnic students with Diplomas in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering.  

Zebra’s Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, which underpins much of the Zebra MotionWorks portfolio, serves to provide a platform to enable accurate location and tracking solutions. It will be set up in Singapore Polytechnic’s Smart Workflow Solution lab for staff to conduct courses for both full-time diploma students and part-time courses for working adults. 

The objective is to expose its students to the latest technology used by the manufacturing sector today. It further serves as a proof of concept to showcase how this technology can be used by advanced manufacturing facilities to monitor and grant authorisation selectively to qualified operators for certain heavy machinery for safety purposes, among many other use cases.

“At Singapore Polytechnic, we believe in the importance of mentoring and training our learners to be ready for successful careers in an advanced manufacturing future,” said Toh Ser Khoon, director of Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 

“Our partnership with Zebra Technologies will play a key role in equipping our future smart manufacturing talents with the relevant skillsets and technological competencies to develop innovative advanced manufacturing solutions that will drive Singapore’s economic growth,” he said.

By equipping Singapore Polytechnic students with this new technology, the initiative seeks to raise awareness of the importance of upskilling the workforce to establish a successful advanced manufacturing future in Singapore.

“It is imperative that the future generation of Singapore is empowered with the right technology and training to be prepared for imminent challenges and the constantly evolving digital landscape,” said Fang-How Lim, regional director for Southeast Asia at Zebra Technologies.