Yinson Production, Aveva push for autonomous FPSO solutions

Yinson Production (YP) has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Aveva to enable YP to develop fully autonomous floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) solutions.

Aveva’s software, in combination with YP’s FPSO expertise and extensive data sets will enable YP to operate its FPSO with minimal human involvement, and with a vision for them eventually to become fully autonomous. 

The key to developing fully autonomous FPSO solutions is through the adoption of the digital twin, a virtual model designed to accurately reflect the floating structure. 

Leveraging Aveva’s solutions, YP will enhance its operational strategy and optimise efficiencies by using analytics, machine learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enrich the digital twin across the entire asset lifecycle.

Autonomous technologies can greatly enhance the energy and resource efficiency of assets, whilst significantly lowering emissions. They can also reduce human error and manual intervention, leading to stronger safety and environmental performance.

“The adoption of digital technologies will be crucial to accelerate the implementation of sustainable operations across all industries,” said YP CEO Flemming Grønnegaard.

The current MOU expands on YP’s existing partnership with Aveva, where Aveva PI System is already implemented on FPSO assets in the Yinson fleet, as well as Aveva Engineering tools being leveraged for design and construction.

Emon Zaman, Aveva’s SVP in the Asia-Pacific region, said the partnership will provide enhanced visibility of integrated engineering and operational data, and improved critical decision-making.